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For Red Bull Media Marc Slings directed a four-episode mini-documentary about their bi-annual world class motorcross event called Red Bull Knock Out. It was good fun to mix and match footage from drones, GoPro's, 360, and even 8mm film-camera's into one sequence.

Watch all episodes @ 

Dutch TV-maker and director Maxim Hartman is known for his provocative way of interviewing people.

In a series of videos, produced by  DDB Unlimited Maxim visits Toyota-owners to talk about their Toyota Pro Ace.

Watch all episodes at Toyota's Youtube channel

Agency N=5 and telecom provider Telfort introduced former millionaire Hans, who now manages to live a low-cost life. In more than 40 vlogs, Hans shows all kinds of lifehacks to achieve this new lifestyle. 

Watch all the vlogs on Youtube

ABN AMRO created the 'House Promotor', a campaign to help clients with some free extra promotion for their house for sale.

Wefilm came up with a way to turn boring house viewings into a true experience and built a rollercoaster ride through a house that’s for sale.

The film went viral and reached a bigger audience than possibly any house for sale ever did. The film reached over 65 million viewers on Facebook and YouTube.

GoFast! is a rebellious energy drink. Amsterdam based agency Y&R helped them  sample their cans by turning a boring canal bike into a speedbike.

Awarded by a silver Cannes Lion.

For Dutch telecom provider KPN and agency N=5, I have cut a series of 11 staged vlogs called 'Evert_45'. Evert is a 13 years old Dutch boy who vlogs on YouTube and posts on Instagram about the war as if he lives in 1945.

Based on true stories, these very realistic vlogs made this campaign extremely successful and was awarded with a Cannes Grand Prix Lion, an ADCN Grand Prix, 6 Lovie awards, 3 Cannes Lions, 6 ADCN lamps and many more.

Watch the casefilm or his full journey at

To promote the new Speedfight 4, Peugeot gave Matthijs a brand-new scooter to impress his mates.

Oh, and they also gave him a new girlfiend...

Patagonia has initiated a community called "We The Power". It establishes a cooperative, installs a renewable power system and generates profits with the energy created. In a series of 3 video's, produced by Bureau Voorlichting, We The Power shows their inspiring success-stories.


Watch 'm all at We The Power

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